Irina Dimov is the senior accountant and comptroller for the S.F. Waranch Company, an established full service commercial real estate firm in the Dallas/Fort Worth metropolitan area. She has been integral to the Company since its inception, responsible for overseeing all accounting functions and interfacing with property owners, financial institutions and tenants. In addition, Dimov assists property managers and brokers.

Her wealth of accounting knowledge prepared her for this position. Dimov was account specialist at B&J Accessories and assistant accountant at Ameritrust, both in Dallas and she was the senior accountant at Tashkent State University in Tashkent, Russia

Education: Dimov received a Bachelor of Accounting degree and a Masters of Theatrical Arts from Tashkent State University in Tashkent, Russia.

Contact Irina: 214.526.5600 ext. 203